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How to control impurities in the production of silica gel ice lattice?
Jun 10, 2018

Silica gel ice shelf has become an indispensable product in People's Daily life, especially as a food supporting product, the requirements on product quality and materials are stricter. The problem of impurities is inevitable in the production of silica gel ice cells in the silica gel factory. How many people know the cause of impurities? Specifically speaking, there are two reasons: one is the human reason, the other is the improper handling of the machine.

For the above two factors, we can start from five aspects:

[1] the change of the production workshop can change the workshop into a dustless workshop, but it will cost a lot. Enterprises with certain funds can also do it

[2] clean the mixer before mixing materials, and do not leave any impurities on it, especially the left and right baffles, chassis and hands

[3] the machine must also be cleaned before use

[4] after mixing the materials, wrap them in plastic bags and send them to the molding workshop;

[5] make sure your hands are clean when you take the materials with your hands

The only time we have silicone ice production process, the possible reasons of impurity is simple analysis, the actual production in the factory site, silica gel products may also have more problems, which requires production personnel in the production process to discover the cause of the problem, and then take corresponding solutions for the cause of problems.

Silicone ice is USES the food grade raw material, the relative plastic and hardware products is much higher in the security, high and low temperature resistant silicone products, non-toxic, tasteless, and is a renewable resource, also can be repeated use; In foreign countries, the basic household goods are made of silica gel, so we can rest assured of the safety of silica gel ice shelf.