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Are silicone products harmful? How did it come about?
Jun 10, 2018

Are silicone products harmful? Does it work? What are the hidden dangers? The silica gel product itself is absolutely safe and reliable. It just means that we need to worry about using it in some specified environment. So in what cases can silicone products be harmful? Can only say that small things should be far away from infants and young children, children under the age of three likely scenario using silica gel products, small volume, small silica gel products is likely to cause suffocation, serious life-threatening, for young children, they do not have mature judgment ability, tend to small products put, eye, nose, mouth and other fragile and sensitive, can only be parents pay more attention to elders!

So remind everybody, must pay attention to keeping small pieces of silica gel products, avoid unnecessary loss. In addition, should not be ordinary silicone products used in strong acid and alkali chemical products, such as ordinary silicone products to reach the corresponding security level, are likely to be corrosion, if a lot of heart body contact, will cause fatal injury. It is not advisable to overestimate the ability of silica gel products. Many people believe that silica gel products can withstand high temperature, which will ignore many safety hazards.

How are silicone products made? Pure silica gel products can be molded by solid silica gel molding, strip tubular extrusion process, liquid silica gel injection molding (micro injection molding); Silicone sealant can be coated with silicone glue metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, epoxy resin and other materials. Silicone products that are not shaped in one time can be bonded by normal temperature glue, which can be divided into RTV silicone glue, instant glue + silica gel treating agent, etc.