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Why use a silicone cooker?
Jun 10, 2018

Have you ever used an environmentally friendly silicone cooker?

Speaking of silicone kitchenware in Europe and the United States as early as the 19th century began to use, and in our urban homes, how much understanding of silicone kitchenware good or bad? Along with the mature silica gel products in the market, we have more convenience in our life, and the domestic colorful and exquisite silica gel tableware has become popular rapidly, and have you ever used it? Said to have to tell me about the material of the silicone, silicone kitchen utensils in the kitchen utensils and tableware products it is to use the food grade silica gel as raw materials and resistance against yellow color perkin vulcanizing agent, ontology is avirulent insipidity of ordinary silica gel, but it is associated with our life natural green security environmental protection can't be ignored, so the silicone products factory original purchase price a little expensive food grade silicone material can let you rest assured the use of silicone kitchen utensils and compared with the traditional tableware, more abundant the color of tableware, let us look more with cooking dinner in the vitality, the soft material don't have to worry about broken phenomenon, when cleaning is more simple and convenient, More space is saved when receiving. "Look, with all these advantages, why don't you use it? Belong to high temperature resistant silicone products at room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, silicone kitchen utensils and appliances used in the process of production of the high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius temperature curing to poison the sterilization nature a cinch, so enjoy in one or two baidu in disinfection of water temperature, high temperature silicone sense of heat transfer is higher so has heat/hot effect, sometimes want to prepare meals ahead of time again afraid cold, it's your choice. "Look, with all these advantages, why don't you use it? But when buying more attention in order to avoid buying the inferior silica gel kitchenware.