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What is the production process of silicone products?
Jun 10, 2018

1, select material, according to the requirements of the products using the environment and quality to choose the appropriate material of silicone rubber, such as product of abrasion resistant, oil resistant, acid-proof, alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, tensile strength, and so on these requirements, and to choose what kind of material is more reasonable.

2, refining, and many times we purchase back of raw material is still raw rubber, and cannot be directly used in production, secondary processing is needed, we call it a refining, refining is according to certain proportion to join in raw rubber accelerator, toner and other some auxiliary forming of ingredients, in order to achieve production requirements.

3, cut off, after refining is a whole piece of material, the next need according to the product structure and size of the whole piece of material into the final cut off our the same shape and size of the weight of the material.

4, molding, to be performed after the completion of work is the most important step is to shape, we need to cut the step on good material into the silicon rubber mold, according to the predefined process parameters for hot press molding eventually get what we want appearance size, of course, there are not directly by hot pressing molding but is obtained by the material into the mold cavity injection moulding machine and need of products, this is similar to the principle of the injector.

5, processing/check, after forming is a single piece of product, also need to separate the products we need parts from the middle, then remove burrs, product inspection on product appearance, so a qualified silicone rubber products also can finish all the process of it.