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What are the problems in the production of silicone ice cells
Jun 10, 2018

Take silica gel as the main raw material processing production work, known as silica gel products. Silicone ice is a kind of silicone products, in life we often can use this kind of silicone products, so we should pay attention to when using silicone ice lattice what problem, we take a look at the following.

1, the silica gel too thick ice, the most vulnerable to a problem is the vulcanization is incomplete, too thick surface of silica gel products seems to have cure completely, but after secondary sulfide will swell and burst, this is the typical sulfide incomplete. Of course, excessive thickness of silicone products are more likely to appear bad flanging, in the production of the mold gentle exhaust to pay attention to control.

2, silicone ice once the molding will not be able to inverter, so after molding, silicone products once if it is a defective product, will face the scrap, apart from a few appearance and size slightly long we could make a little repair bad.

3. The lack of material in the silica gel ice case is caused by material weight, mold temperature, exhaust, cutting and discharging mode of glue, which can be solved by careful analysis from these aspects. However, the precondition is that the glue must be tempered and placed within 72 hours, and the molding machine and mold are very smooth.

4. After the screen printing, before baking, you can use a dust-free cloth to dip in a little bit of white point oil to erase the screen printing content on the silicone ice case. Once it is baked, it is difficult to remove the silk-screen content unless it is polished with sandpaper or an electric grinding wheel.

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